Thursday, September 27, 2012

Enough! Time to start again

It has been so long since I blogged. We moved into our new house, started renovations AND......had a baby!! I forgot how much fun a baby is, but also tiring. But there is nothing better than the cute sounds she makes (not so cute when it is at 3 in the morning).

This fall I am trying to get into a routine, though so hard with one car and Dr appointments and Bible Studies. I seem to just want to stay home with Abby, but there is Bible Study, Mom's group, and knitting group to go to. I also hope to once in awhile be able to get together with my loss group. At the same time I am trying to work on my sewing business- making quilts, fleece longies, diaper bags, and some day diapers.

In all the craziness of running around, adjusting to a new baby, and everything I feel like not enough. There is not enough of me to go to everyone, not enough time in the day and it is not helped that Abby tends to be fussy and want to be held. I am having to learn again that I AM enough in God, that HE has to be my strength and the one I go to when I just want to stay in bed and say "ENOUGH". But I will get up and go on with the day, maybe I will start taking a picture of one thing a day that inspires me.

October 15th is Remembrance Day for infant/prenatal loss and in honor of Robert and other babies gone to soon I am thinking of doing the Carly Marie Project's 31 days/31 Photographs project (more information can be found here). I think it will be a interesting to see what I choose for each day and maybe I will make one last item for his short life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New home, natural cleaners

Boy has it been a long time since I have felt the need to blog. The past few months have been uneventful, no hospital visits (a novelty for me in pregnancy) and I am feeling pretty good overall. We are down to the final weeks countdown (7-10 to go) and I am really feeling the need to get ready for baby, which is rather hard to do when you will be moving at 35+wks pregnant. So what preparations have I been making? Well to start we are going to cloth diaper, so I have been getting my fluffy supply together (only need a few more newborn and we are set to go). Of course the problem with cloth diapers is that they are so darn cute, so you always feel you need 1 more diaper. I have also been trying to get my baby clothes together, and doing this mainly through second hand. So far we are doing pretty well on that front. Also, trying to get all the gear we will need together. Can't wait till garage sale season to really start and hopefully find some good deals. So far we have a crib, stroller, high chair, and bouncy chair (though family have promised a infant seat and crib mattress). Then there has been research into what baby products to use. Since we are using cloth diapers, we can't use most diaper rash ointments, so I have found one to make my own. It also is said to be very good for dry skin, which we all suffer from. This then led me to deciding we should make our own laundry soap, shampoo, baby bath, body wash, and go all natural in our cleaning products. I also plan on switching over to cloth napkins and making unpaper towels. I guess you could say we are getting a new home and going all natural (well as much as we can) in the process.