Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trying to Organize

The clutter and disorganization in our house has gotten to me (though it is mainly my sewing/craft supplies and the office/computer supplies). I try to organize but I seem to fail with every attempt, but my sewing and craft supplies are starting to take over. It looks messy and is hard for me to find what I need, so today begins Operation Organization.

At first glance you would not think I did anything, but 3 hrs later I have cut 5 boxes into perfect sized fabric boards to wind my longer lengths of fabric on. The fabric is wound onto the boards and pinned into place; all the books that one resided on the shelf are cleared off and found new homes (some to be discarded, others to a different shelf); and the fabric is organized on the shelf by color.

Tomorrow, my 3 drawer plastic storage bin that holds all my sewing supplies will be organized and then to figure out how to organize all the small cut pieces. After the sewing and craft supplies are organized then comes the dreaded office supplies with Graig taking care of ALL his computer paraphernalia.

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