Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is there someone you can reach out to?

Sitting at church today, in the very back of the sanctuary, where no one can see me or talk to me, I look around at the other's in the sanctuary and wonder who else is hurting? What are their secret pains that they do not speak about?

Before loosing Robert, I never really thought much about miscarriage and less about what other's might be going through in regards to fertility and loss. But now I see it much more. What woman in church is hurting because she cannot have a child? What woman has lost a baby and never spoken about it? What other hurts might there be?

As I sat there, wondering who else was crying on the inside while appearing to be okay, I wonder how we can reach out more to these women. Whether it is the loss of a child, the loss of the dream of having a child, the loss of a potential adoption, the loss of the innocence of a uncomplicated pregnancy (and the list can go on and on), what support is there for them?

I know in my area that there is a support group in the city that meets once a month, but that is a bit of a drive. There are also online supports, but sometimes you need that face to face contact and to know you are not the only one in your circle of relationships to be going through the loss (whatever it may be).

Is there something more that our churches and communities could be doing? Is there a way to reach out and touch those who hurt in silence? What can you do to reach out? Is there someone you know who could use a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or just to be told that they are not alone?

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